Red Velvet - 'Cause It's You (English Translation) Lyrics

Hirari petals are dancing softly at the feet
I want to pick up one by one

Every day I cried and did not love jokes
All the moments important memories

'Cause baby it's you ... I want to see you again ... ... somewhere in the future
I miss Baby absolutely today.

If time passes, if you forget
I will gently tie it off with a ribbon

It's like shoulder stuff like this (together)
Woo surely will give you certainty

'Cause baby it's you ... Any difficulty You ... can go beyond
I think that its presence is Baby big ale

Because goodbye is surely the spell of the day we meet again
Do not cry please do not cry Now I want you to laugh Now is now Ah

You ... I want to see you again (I want to see you) You ... somewhere in the future (Oh Yeah)
Any day (any day) Baby Absolutely for today (Fu-fu) I think

- Red Velvet Lyrics